As parts of the one-week Youth Outreach Ecotourism Programme on Wetland and Biodiversity Conservation for Public School Students in Lagos State, the Students, today, Tuesday 30th July, 2019 visited Lagos Water Corporation Adiyan water works as an excursion exercise designed to learn about LWC operations, which involved Water production and distribution in the State.

The Lagos State Government organised programme through the Ministry for the Environment has included into their programme, the Students’ visit to the 70Million Gallons per Day (MGD) Adiyan Waterworks to acquire knowledge on the waterworks water Abstractions, Production,8 Treatment, Distribution, among others.

The host, Adiyan Production Manager, Engr. Agiri who received the students with open arms introduced the Water facility to the students as the State largest waterworks with production capacity of 70MGD which was commissioned in 1991.

While explaining the core facilities to the students, Mr. Idris Shonubi, Quality Assurance and Engr. Cardozo took the Students round the Waterworks facilities, such as Filtration Bed; Sedimentation Tank; Coagulation Tank; Aeration Tank; Control Panel; Air Blower; Filter Bed; Lime Dosing Point, among others.

During his presentation, Mr. Shonubi said, “there is a room called Laboratory Room, for the testing of Raw water and Final water”.

Engr. Cardozo, explained that during water production, water /leaves/departs the Intermediate Pumping Station to Storage tank with storage capacity of 72MGD, which from the storage tank to the distribution channel, where it is distributed/discharged to the general public.

He added that LWC Water is if high quality, which is good for human consumption, because it’s conform with World Health Organization’s (WHO) Standards.

The students while showing their encomium, through their spoke person, Alaro Taiwo lauded the Corporation’s Management for the hospitality and gesture during the excursion and maintenance of the waterworks till date which will continue to linger in their memories.

Staff form the Ministry for the Environment present included Mr. Laguda I. A.; Mr. Ayeni G. A.; Mr. Dotun Agboola; Mr. Gafar A. O.; Mrs. Sadiku F. A.; Mrs. Masha A. J. and Mrs. Ibikunle.

Also, members of LWC Staff at the excursion were, Mr. Omotayo Adedoyin (Head, Quality Assurance); Mrs. Jaiyeola (Quality Assurance); Mr. Idris (Manager, Staff Training); Mr. Anifowoshe Rasaq (Manager, Corporate Communication); Mr. Kayode Akinolu; Mr. Olushi I. K. among others.

Earlier, on Friday 26th July, 2019, the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State, Ministry for the Environment, Mr. Abiodun Bangboye, at a Press Conference briefed the members of press about the One-week programme which has since commenced on Sunday 28th July, 2019 to last till Sunday 4th August, 2109.

In the same vein, the National Winners of the Nigerian Stockholm Junior Water Prize is set to visit Alausa and Adiyan Waterworks tomorrow, Wednesday 31st July, 2019 to acquire advance knowledge on process of Water production and distribution in preparation for the final competition in Stockholm, Sweden.

The winners, will be representing the Country in the Junior Water Competition category later in August, 2019.
[21:44, 7/30/2019] Mr . Rasaq: Photo Reel during the Students Excursion to Adiyan Waterworks today, Tuesday 30th July, 2019.

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