In an effort to fulfill the mandate of the Lagos Water Corporation and provide improved water services to the residents of Lagos, Engr. Mukhtaar Tijani, the Managing Director of the corporation, has conducted an extensive inspection of the waterworks throughout the state. The purpose of the visit was to assess the operations, infrastructure, and overall efficiency of the plants, with the aim of ensuring the continued delivery of high-quality services to the people of Lagos.

Accompanied by Engr. Helen Taiwo, the new Executive Director of Operations, as well as key management staff, engineers, and technicians, Engr. Tijani visited various waterworks, including the 45MGD Iju, 70MGD Adiyan I Waterworks, the under-construction 70MGD Adiyan Phase II water treatment plant, and the Akute Intakes. During the tour, he also listened to reports from the Plant Managers at each location.

The inspection encompassed several important aspects, such as observing the functioning of water purification and production machinery, including sedimentation tanks, pumping stations, clear water tanks, filters, raw water inlets, and the chemical house at Iju. At Adiyan Phase I, the Managing Director visited the Intake Pump Station, Intermediate Pumping Station (IPC), filter beds, and the laboratory, among other areas.

Engr. Tijani and his team also visited the 70MGD Adiyan Phase II plant, which is currently under construction and funded by the Lagos State Government. This plant is expected to serve three million residents in the western part of the state in the near future.

The inspection conducted by the Managing Director focused on identifying areas for improvement and optimizing the efficiency of the waterworks. Discussions were held with the technical team to explore strategies for meeting the increasing water demand and reducing the water supply gap. The team also reviewed available options to minimize water loss, improve energy efficiency, and implement advanced technologies for water treatment and distribution. Engr. Tijani expressed enthusiasm for incorporating innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and promote environmental sustainability.

During the visit, Engr. Tijani expressed satisfaction with the dedication and commitment of the waterworks staff. He assured them of the corporation’s commitment to providing a conducive work environment and continuous training to facilitate productivity and the effective maintenance of the waterworks.

The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, has taken emergency measures to rehabilitate the major waterworks at Iju, Adiyan, and Akute Intakes in order to improve water services in the state. This intervention has resulted in a significant improvement in water

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