What determines water charges?

LSWC billing is calculated based on either flat rate or meter rate.
Flat rate billing depends on effective enumeration/assessment of the property. It covers the charge allocated to the property type of the premises by LSWC billing policy, i.e. Property Type (unit) x Rate Per Month x Billing Cycle.

Why is the Corporation meter a property?

As a matter of policy, the Lagos Water Corporation aims to meter all nonresidential properties. In addition, specific areas could be marked for full metering, e.g. Lekki, where all the properties are metered. This is perhaps the most equitable way of billing the customer.

In the alternative, selected properties could be metered, especially where assessment on flat rate is difficult or could be deemed too subjective. For instance, LSWC's policy is to meter all commercial /industrial properties. This is however being done gradually.

Where there is a dispute over the property type, installation of a meter could resolve the dispute. The Corporation may decide to meter a property to prevent wastage of water. When this is the case, the customer becomes prudent in water usage.
Some customers independently request to be metered.

What is the procedure for the installation of a meter?

LSWC, in line with its policy, may decide that a certain area/property be metered. In this regard, the customer is then contacted to let him/her know that he has to pay for the installation. The cost of meter, however, varies and largely depends on the size of the mains. The prices below excludes the cost of installation and connection/ tar cut (cutting of road).

The cost of meters is as follows:
A.     20 mm - N15, 000
B.     25 mm - N20, 000
C.     32 mm - N25, 000
D.     40 mm - N35, 000
E.     50 mm - N45, 000

The customer may decide that his property be metered to measure his actual consumption. In both cases, the same payment regime applies and the customer will pay for the meter and its installation. Such a customer should liaise with the LSWC zonal office nearest to him for specific instruction.

What are the characteristics of pure water?

Water that has no taste, no colour, no smell and no sediments is pure and is good for drinking purpose.

What causes cessation in water flow?

Several factors could be responsible, including root intrusion, locked valves and disconnection. Contact our zonal office nearest to you to lodge your complaints.

How do I get connected to the mains network?

Meet the zonal manager in our zonal office nearest to your home and collect an application form. All payments are made to designated banks, a list of which can be found under PAY YOUR BILL HERE.

What is leakage management all about?

Leakage management is a process whereby wastage of water is reduced to the barest minimum through three stages, namely the search, the control and the repair of leakage.

Burst pipes, foul water, and sewage infusion. What to do?

Report to our zonal office nearest to you.


A)         Q        -      Where do I pay?

             A        -       LWC revenue collection bank (identified on bill)

B)         Q       -        With which document do I pay?

              A       -        Your water bill/Bank teller

C)         Q       -        What document do I collect after payment?

             A        -        Stamped customer copy of bill/box copy of bill and Electronic receipt



A)   Q         -   Where do I make enquiry/lodge complaint?

       A         -    At closest LWC zonal Office or LWC Head Office, Ijora. You can also reach us with our contact details on page 3.

B)  Q          -   How do I submit a complaint?

      A         -    Submission of Letter addressed to the Group Managing Director, Lagos Water Corporation at any of our offices.                                      You can also reach us with our contact details on page 3.

C) Q         -    Which document do I need to attach to the letter?

     A          -    A clean copy of your bill

D) Q        -     Where do I call if I don’t receive my bill?

     A         -     Please call at the nearest zonal office. You can also reach us with our contact details on page 3.

E) Q        -     How soon does a customer get a reply to correspondence?

     A        -     We acknowledge receipt of all correspondences immediately and shall provide feedback as soon as possible.

F) Q       -     How do I get connected to your pipe mains network?

    A        -     This is possible on visit to our nearest zone. You can also reach us with our contact details on page 3.

                      You shall be informed of the necessary details.

G) Q   -    I have not had water in my compound for a long time.   

                              How do I get reconnected?

     A     -      Please visit/contact our zone nearest to you for details and quick reconnection, We await you. You can also reach us with                     our contact details on page 3.

H) Q -   I am metered, if I have complaints on water supply, How do I rectify it quickly?

     A  -    Please contact the nearest zone for quick attention and action. You can also contact us with our contact details on page 3.

I) Q  -    The bill we receive is too high

     A  -    Please lay your complaints at the nearest zone to you. You can also reach us with our contact details on page 3.



J) Q     -     I am experiencing coloured water, it was not like that in the recent past?

    A      -    Please contact our nearest zone with a sample of the water for test/ analysis and further investigation of the source.                               You can also reach us with our contact details on page 3.

K) Q    -     Water supply is intermittent in my property?

     A     -   Please check your service pipe i.e the pipe from your property to the water mains network for leakage, If non is                                      observed,  please contact our nearest zone for prompt action and investigation. You can also reach us with our contact                           details on page 3.

L) Q   -   I desire a change of name on my bill

     A   -   Please avail us of evidence of acquisition of property from previous owner/updated details and a copy of water bill meant                    for the property.

M) Q -   My compound used to enjoy good water supply in recent times, the  pressure has been low and its now not flowing, we                         believe a vendor beside us might cause it.

      A  -  Please contact the nearest zone and lodge complaint for investigation   and action. You can also reach us with our contact                     details below.