IJORA, LAGOS – In a bid to improve operations within its infrastructures, the Lagos Water Corporation is set to partner with the Lagos State owned Information, Technology and Communication Company, Ibile Broadband Limited.

This was revealed today, Tuesday 15th January, 2019, during an introductory meeting between Ibile Broadband Limited and Lagos water Corporation, at the Corporation’s headquarters, boardroom, Ijora, Lagos.

The LWC, Group Managing Director/CEO, Engr. Muminu Adekunle Badmus in his statement said, the new alliance with the ICT Company, would improve the Corporation’s operations, as he is ready to cooperate fully for improved service delivery to Customers in the State.

In his explanation, the Ibile Broadband, Managing Director, Mr. Ganiu Oseni, stated that Ibile Broadband was created to deliver smart initiatives, and provide ICT solutions to entities, which they have provided to many Organizations, that include the Lagos Internal Revenue Service (LIRS), Ambulance Services, LASEMA, and other telecommunications agencies in Nigeria.

“Ibile Broadband Limited had worked with the Lagos State Government on its Smart City Initiative, and would be in the best position to listen to, and understand where LWC stands in terms of communication and technology, to make effective improvements in its functions”

Mr. Oseni assured that the company’s services to the corporation would translate into improvements in revenue generation, while expressing optimism in the areas of customers’ vending, bulk meters, by providing a more reliable and stronger network.

The Ibile Broadband MD, was accompanied to the LWC by Mr. Oladipupo Ojikutu (Operations Manager), Afolabi Olusegun (Technical Adviser) and Sanni Salako (projects Officer).


Lagos Water Corporation has apologized to the residents of the State over present disruption of Water supply being experienced as a result of epileptic power supply from the LWC Independent Power Plant (IPP), Akute, which has adversely affected water production and supply at the LWC major Waterworks.

In a statement released today by the LWC on the present water situation, the Management restated its commitment towards uninterrupted water supply, and reassured Lagosians that effort is in progress to rectify the problem and stabilize its operations.

Urging the general public to continue to have trust and confidence in the Corporation towards improved service delivery, as water supply will be restored soon.


As New Year is approaching, I, Engr. Muminu Badmus on behalf of the Management of Lagos Water Corporation wants to take this as an opportunity to extend my heartfelt greetings to the entire Staff of the Corporation for the season and appreciate you all for your accomplishments and achievements for year 2018.

I thank one and all for the support, dedication and effort that you have put together in taking the Corporation to the higher level.

No doubt about it, year 2018 has been a challenging year as far as achieving our targets are concerned. I urge you all to override the challenges and bring in changes that you wish to see in the New year 2019.

We will meet again in the New Year with a lot of new ideas and energy.

Thank you so much for your dedication. Have a Marvelous New Year celebration filled with fun moments of joy.

Have a Happy New Year!!!.


The Management of Lagos Water Corporation under the leadership of GMD/CEO, Engr. Muminu Adekunle Badmus has felicitated with the entire LWC Staff, particularly the Christian Faithfuls on the Christmas Season.

“This season Signifies Good tidings of Love, Comfort and joy, time to express Love to One and other”.

LWC boss said Christmas is a season for Love and Sacrifice, and urged the Staff to love the Corporation and one another irrespective of their Status, Creed, Religion and Ethnicity.

Engr. Badmus enjoined everyone to love and leave in peace with one another as peace is the bedrock of Development in any organisation.

He expressed his total confidence on entire Staff to take the Corporation to the promised land, stating YES, WE CAN!!!”. as recently introduced/proclaimed in the Performance Enrichment Sustainability Program II (PESP II). Adding that Staff attitudinal change is a must for the progress of the Corporation for improved service delivery and revenue generation of LWC.

Reassured the Staff of his total commitment to the welfare of the entire Staff.

“Wishing the Staff Merry Christmas with lots of joy, hope, peace & prosperity”


As we celebrate Xmas, Lagos Water Corporation wishes our esteemed customers a memorable celebration.

Please pay your water bills as when due, also, Customers on metering are enjoined to vend today (No vending during the Xmas holiday) for continuous enjoyment of supply of potable Water before, during and after the Xmas holiday by visiting any of LWC zonal offices across the State.

Please, Conserve and Use Water Judiciously. Report problems like: Burst pipes, Leakages etc on: 07045973012, 07045973013.



LWC …working to serve you better!



Lagos Water Corporation Performance Enrichment Sustainability Program II (PESP II) Committee Chairman, Mr. Rasheed Salami has called for more commitments and sacrifices from the entire Management and Staff of the Corporation towards success of the new Program.

Mr. Salami made this remark today Tuesday 18th December, 2018 during the Open Air Sensitization Program of PESP II at the LWC HQ., Boardroom, Ijora, Lagos.

He declared in a strongest simple term during the session that there is low commitments and sacrifices in the Corporation, as he made reference to himself that he has not received any allowances since he has stepped aside as RBM, and this has not stopped him from doing his good job. That is called Commitment, he said.

“We need to work along this lane, as we need to sacrifice something to achieve something.

“We don’t need to call outsiders to work for us, as we are all competent.

“We need innovative thinking, we need commitment to move forward”

The man popularly known and addressed as “Igwe” by close associates said the program is borne out of the review of the previous programs, the merits and demerits, to make PESP II a Big success.

This program is our program, it’s Water Corporation program, our slogan is YES, WE CAN!!!.

This is a program where the Management will responsible for the Staff and the Staff will do the needful, in terms of improved service delivery.

“We created new region of South South from present South East and Central Regions to give other people the opportunity to perform, as we should have a competitive system attached with rewards.

“There would be signing of MOU by all RBMs, as we want attitudinal change of all Staff. To move forward, we need to take actions, the committee Chairman added.

In his statement, the LWC Chief Operating Officer (COO), Engr. Deji Johnson however stated that in order to be at your best you don’t need directives from GMD/CEO or COO, adding that the Corporation failed in some areas in the previous programs because its never followed and implemented sanctions and rewards associated with performance., as we never followed KPI ideology/system.

“We need more Dedication, Commitment and Drive to excel in our various departments and work as a unit.

“This is a second chance to make amendment. We need to work harder to get our pensions when we retire.

“Let consider this as revitalization. We need to work harder to make this program work, as we have dedicated Staff in the Corporation”

Engr. Johnson added that without further ado, he is happy that the Corporation has the knowledge needed to move the Corporation forward.

The Program Coordinator, Head, Quality Assurance, Mrs. Monsurat Banire explained various transformation taken place to improve service delivery to Lagosians, such as PEP to PESP, to SIM and PESP II, adding that the Performance Enrichment Sustainability Program II is about Staff Attitudinal Change towards improved service delivery to Lagosians and progress of the Corporation.

She noted that the program is to highlight the disadvantages/challenges associated with the formal programs towards turning them to success, as this Corporation was once a reference point among other water industries or agencies in the Country.

She stated that with LWC modern equipment and facilities, yet, the Corporation is lacking behind and it’s incomparable with other water agencies and parastatals in the Country in revenue generation.

She however observed that from other Open Air Sensitisation Programs held in some regions, it was discovered that the Staff were not working at their best, thinking that it is other people’s job. “Ogo ta, Ogo o ta, Owo Alaru Ape”.

“This is a new dawn, as we are moving into new year 2019. It is about new resolution, it is about attitudinal change, it all about collaboration, it about all departments”.

The more we do this, the better for Lagos Water Corporation, she stated.

Head, Property and General Services in his presentation said, Yes! We can do it, and do it better, just like the watchword of Service Charter. We just need to work harder. Once you do it well, no need to go to places.

“For me, I believe we can do it right. We must be committed to make it better. We need to be sincere”.

Everyone, from the gate to CEO must be committed to the struggle. I know, If I want to go up, so, I know I must be pushed, no more, no less, he concluded.

Engr. Ibrahim asked why the Corporation always fail in discharging its responsibility, even with provision of modern equipments and facilities, as Mrs. Osomo quickly added that it’s about Staff attitude.

“A lot is happening in this Corporation that is very bad, we need to change our orientation, we need to do it right”.

In his contribution, Mr. Jones Awolowo stated that “We need a Performance Contract, not MOU, as this is not usual civil service way. Give me this, you get this, if you don’t give me this, you won’t get that.

All we have been saying/hearing is attitudinal change, but you need to give out something to achieve something. You need to propel or drag me to be at my best. You need to give me something to raise my hope.

“If you want my attitude to change, then you must give me something to change my attitude, Mr. Bello added.

On Tuesday 11th of December, 2018, the Corporation woke up to witness yet another transformation of Performance Enrichment Program (PEP), named Performance Enrichment Sustainability Program II (PESP II) as a tool to accelerate improved service delivery to Lagosians and revenue generation of the Corporation.

Since then the PESP II Committee Chairman, Mr. R. O. Salami in company of Head, Admin and Human Resources, Mr. Sheriff Akinpelu, Head, Sales and Commercial, Mr. Micheal Ajose, Head, Quality Assurance, Mrs. Monsurat Banire, Head, Finance and Accounts, Mrs. Saint John, Engr. Bright Origami, M & E among others, has embarked on Open Air Sensitization Program of PESP II in various LWC regions to bring together staff for proper enlightenment and better understanding of the program.

On Wednesday 12th December, 2018, the PESP II Open Sensitization commenced from South and South South regions respectively and headed to North East and North West regions on Monday 17th December, 2018.

Early today, the PESP II Open Sensitization cimmenced at North region, Adiyan, Iju Waterworks and Akute intakes.


Towards a greater efficiency and effective service delivery to Lagisians, Lagos Water Corporation has introduced Performance Enrichment Sustainability Program II (PESP II), and created South South Region from old South East and Central regions.

This new development came to existence after total review and due consideration of the performance and efficiency of the SIM program.

Lagos Island, Yaba Ebute Metta and Iwaya zones is now place under new South South Region under the Leadership/Regional Business Manager (RMB), Mrs. Yetunde Odebunmi, of former Sales and Commercial Department.

SIM initiative was flagged off by the LWC GMD/CEO, Engr. Muminu Adekunle Badmus on the 1st March, 2018 at the LWC HQ., Ijora, Lagos and designed as a successor for Performance Enrichment Sustainability Program (PESP) to serve as an efficient and effective mechanism for improved service delivery to Lagosians.


Lagos Water Corporation wishes to inform the general public that the Major waterworks of Adiyan and Iju have resumed temporary production and supply of potable Water to the Lagos residents.

This follows the recent disruption of Water supply due to the power outage, which adversely affected Water production at the LWC Major Waterworks.

LWC therefore urged the residents to Conserve (save/store) and Use Water wisely, as the Corporation remains committed to the delivery of potable Water to all.


LWC… working to serve you better!


Following the restoration of Water supply to the Lagos residents on the completion of repair of 1600MM diameter pipe at Akute intakes which has enabled the commencement of operation of Adiyan Waterworks.

Lagos Water Corporation wishes to inform the general public that the present disruption of Water supply being experienced is due to power outage, which adversely affected Water production at LWC Major Waterworks.

LWC regrets the latest inconveniences caused and assure the general public of steady water supply shortly. The Corporation is working relentlessly on alternative power supply to commence Production and Supply of potable Water to Lagosians.


LWC …. Working to serve you better!



The Lagos Water Corporation, LWC, has restored potable Water supply to Lagos residents, particularly those that have been affected with the disruption of water supply due to the leakage of 1600MM diameter pipe, at Akute Intakes which adversely affected the operations of 70MGD Adiyan Waterworks.

In a Statement released by the Corporation’s Group Managing Director/CEO, Engr. Muminu Badmus over the weekend, LWC boss apologized to the esteemed Customers over the hardship caused by the Water scarcity, as the Corporation will never toy with the emotions of the Lagosians. He further stated that Adiyan Waterworks has since commenced operations.

He, however, expressed his deep appreciation to the general public, thanking them for their patience, endurance, cooperation and support during this period of the hardship as they stood by the Corporation, adding that LWC is always ready to serve them better.

Engr. Badmus therefore enjoined Lagosians to continue to support the Government’s efforts in providing potable water supply in the State, as the State Government is undauntedly working round the clock to ensure adequate supply of potable Water to every home in the State.