Nigeria, Poland brainstorm on water management as trade volume hits $150m

Poland and Nigeria are to brainstorm on water resource management, among other areas of social services, a move expected to further cement the relationship between both countries just as the trade volume between them has increased to $150 million.
Speaking at a Water Challenges Brainstorming Session–Nigeria–Poland in Lagos at the weekend, official of GovTech Polska, Prime Minister’s Office, Poland, Antoni RyTel, noted that the two countries could learn and tap ideas that could move them forward from each other.Rytel told The Guardian that the challenges of water resource in Nigeria were similar to those of Poland, but with a different scope.

“The problem of scarcity, purity, accessibility of water, are problems that do not really fit into just national boundaries alone. It is a global issue. This is the reason we think both countries can actually exchange ideas through this event, which is holding simultaneously in Lagos and Poland and then we can breadth ideas on each other and birth their implementation,” he said.

Rytel, who said Poland’s trade volume with Nigeria has increased to $150 million yearly, said Nigeria could learn a lot from Poland in the areas of water management, software development and energy utilisation, among others.

“Although Poland is not as big as Nigeria, we can work together on different fronts. In Poland, we manage our water resources very well; all rivers in Poland 20 years ago were polluted, but now we drink their waters because we have transformed them. We hope to learn from this kind of workshop and ready to lend our ideas as soon as they are ready.”

On her part, Lagos Bureau Chief, Polish Investment & Trade Agency (Representative Office), Justyna Sitarska, pointed out that the programme was part of Polish Investment Policy and Trade aimed at fostering business relationship between both countries.

Sitarska, who revealed that her office was responsible for trade and investments in relation to Nigeria, said they are helping Nigerian importers and distributors to find the right suppliers in Poland for the right products and pricing.

The programme, she said, was organised in collaboration with GOVTECH, Poland, which is targeted at helping regular citizens bring their ideas and problems to limelight, some of which are related to water.

Meanwhile, Group Managing Director/CEO, Lagos Water Corporation, Muminu Badmus, has revealed that said only about 30 per cent of Lagosians are currently serviced by the corporation. Badmus, one of the jurists at the programme, said: “About 30 per cent are currently on our supply list and out of this, about 23 per cent are serviced adequately. Our capacity can actually serve about seven million people. Lagos has about 21 million population, so with the capacity utilization, we can only service about 3.5 million people presently.” Responding, Director, Water Quality Control and Sanitation, Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Emmanuel Awe, noted that there were several issues affecting the sector, which has prompted President Muhammadu Buhari to declare a state of emergency in the sector.


…….your legacy is your impact in the lives of others.

Years 2016/217 batches of Bond Certificates presentation ceremony of Lagos Water Corporation retirees has come and gone, but the indelible legacy and the memory still linger in our minds.

Words are not enough to describe the beauty and the lessons of that beautiful Thursday 12th September, 2019 at the Lagos Water Corporation, Headquarters, Ijora, Lagos.

There was a wide and huge jubilation/rejoicing from different angles. This came in form of Prayers, Laughter, Dancing, Jumping, Prostrating, Crying (cry of joy) Group photographs and above all, Singing by the LWC 2016/2017 retirees, families, friends and well wishers with the song, “Baba o baba o baba o, Oluwa da Baba si fun wa, (Father o father o father o, Almighty God preserve father for us).

All these Encomiums and Accolades were coming the way of the Lagos Water Corporation, Managing Director/CEO, Engr. Muminu Adekunle Badmus, not only fulfilling the promise made, but also putting smiles on the faces of retirees and for them to be alive and witness the glorious day.

The retirees were all gathered with beautiful atires at the Water house to collect and enjoy the fruits of their labour, in company of their families, relatives, friends and well wishers to celebrate the big event.

Little did we know that the encomium would be part of the MD/CEO’s rewards in Life for fulfillment of promises, as his legacy has started impacting in the lives of others.

Almighty God has decreed “for fulfilling promises great benefits/rewards in this world and in the Hereafter, in addition to the obvious benefits of creating a righteous and stable society.

“It is absolutely, decisively, and indispensably important to keep a promise, as the real rank of humans is in fact their eternal rank, which is their rank with God, and their rank in the Hereafter”.

Charles F. Stanley once said and I quote, “What you do and say lives on in the hearts and minds of others, to some degree, with a definite result or consequence.”

The payments of the pension to the retirees will definitely transform the lifes of majority of the retirees, the day’s memory will continue to linger in their minds, no doubt.

Let me place you on records, in the year 2015, while resuming into office as the Managing Director/CEO, Lagos Water Corporation, Engr. Muminu Adekunle Badmus has made his intention known that payment of LWC pensioners is part of his priorities. Since then bond certificates presentation to the LWC retirees has been topmost in his agenda, and a continuous exercise, as the number one citizen of the largest water producer in sub Sahara African has been leaving to expectations, taken nearly everyone by surprise.

Another thing is to make a promise, another is to fulfill it, knowing the gravity of breaking an oath.

It is clearly stated in the Holy book that, all promises are regarded as having Allah (God) as their witness and guarantor. In the hadith, he who made a promise and then saw a better thing to do, should do the better thing and make an act of atonement for breaking the promise. It is forbidden to break an oath.

It is on the premises, that the LWC boss has defeated nearly everyone’s imagination/expectation, knowing that it is only Almighty God that is all perfect, all knowing.

Earlier on Wednesday 15th August, 2019, while meeting the retirees at the Alausa Waterworks, MD/CEO said and I quote “I always have your (retirees) interest at heart and by God’s grace I wish to pay all 2017 and part of 2018 before end of the year.

The promise made in August has been fulfilled in September, 2019 by the LWC boss with a stainless record.

Expectations are high for the 2018 retirees bond certificates presentation, as the Head, administration and Human Resources has signalled this to MD’s attention.

Thank God Almighty, the State Government, the LASPEC, the Union bodies (AUPCTER, SSASCGOC), the Management and entire Staff of the Corporation for your support and efforts towards making the day a reality as we look forward to 2018 batch of retirees bond certificates presentation.

Yes! it might be too early for the rewards of keeping promise to come for the MD/CEO, but one thing is certain God Almighty is all Knowing and all fulfilling and shall continue direct our noble course.

There is doubt that Engr. Badmus has made a strong statement, an indelible legacy for others coming behind to follow.

We cannot thank the MD/CEO enough for this great achievement, but we shall continue to pray to Almighty God to preserve, guide, support, bless the MD/CEO with wisdom, good health and sound mind to transform the Corporation to a better place of higher level for us.

God’s willing, we shall all live long to enjoy the fruits of our labour in good and sound health. Nobody will rise up for a minute for me and you when it is time to reap the sweat of our efforts/labour, Amen.


Lagos Water Corporation yesterday Friday 30th August, 2019 was on a felicitation visit to the new Lagos State Cabinet members, as the Corporation seek support from the State Government in its bid to meet water demand in the State.

The Corporation was led by the Managing Director/CEO, Engr. Muminu Adekunle Badmus, in company of the Chief Operating Officer, Engr. Deji Johnson; Head, Technical Services, Engr. Suraj Ijaiya; Head, Administration and Human Resources, Mrs. Lyla Oki; Head, Sales and Commercial, Mr. Michael Ajose; Head, Budget and Planning, Mrs. S. Opeifa; Head, Finance and Accounts, Mrs. Saint John; Company Secretary, Mr. Lanre Fashola and Manager, Corporate Communication, Mr. Anifowoshe Rasaq.

The Water family arrived the Lagos State seat of power and visited some ministries at the Lagos Secretariat to congratulate and seek assistance from the State Government to improve on its operations.

The Ministries and Offices visited were, Ministry of Science and Technology, Office of Secretary to the State Government; cabinet Office; Parastatal Monitoring Office, among others.

It is no hidden facts that the Management of the Corporation, under the amiable leadership of Engr. Badmus has been very proactive and working relentlessly to improving the quantity and quality of water supplying Lagosians.

In his presentation, Engr. Badmus stated “On our part, the Lagos Water Corporation has developed plans and strategies towards increasing water production and supply in the State.

The Corporation has developed a Lagos Water supply Master Plan and a Strategic Business Plan as a “Road Map” to take Water production capacity of the State to 492 million gallons per day by the year 2023 to close water demand gap significantly.

Therefore, in our bid to carry everyone along, we have widened our data base to effectively supply water to more Lagosians, we have deployed water meters to properties across the state, so people can pay for the actual amount of water they consume.

While thanking His Excellency, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, Lagos State Governor and His Deputy, Dr. kadiri Hamzat for their assistance towards payments of some outstanding debt, he however, seek for more support from the State Government towards full implementation of the plans/strategies in whatever form to achieve desire goals, as the citizens are yearning for improved service delivery.

He stressed further, presently, “we are serving 30% Lagosians, but we want to reach out to every home in the State, that is why we need you all to help us convey our message to our Excellency.

“We also want all ministries and the House of Assembly to connect/tap to the State Water, because “Charity begins at home”, noting that there is dedicated Waterworks to the Lagos State Secretariat and its environs, Alausa Waterworks, Engr. Badmus added.

While responding to the statement made by the MD/CEO, the Commissioner for Science and Technology, Mr. Hakeem Fahm said, “We’ll do our best to convey your message to the authority. We make sure we get your message to the Government.

“Continue to sensitize the general public on your plans for better understanding.

“We’ll also get the message to the Federal Government, so that other states would follow your footsteps”.

Mr. Fahm added, We know, you and your staff are doing great work by pumping out quality water. We shall complement your efforts by bringing our staff to assist you in terms of technology advancement/ development, which would improve your efficiency.

The Permanent Secretary, Science and Technology, Mr. Olatunbosun Alake, added that the Ministry would assist through the Ministry’s focus, ‘Innovation and technology’, as provision of Water is one of the priorities of the State.

“To tackle local people’s problems, you need to look into local technology”, he stated.

While visiting the Office of the Secretary to the State Government, Mrs. Folashade Jaji, she urged the Corporation to force every Ministry and State House of Assembly to tap into the LWC service, adding that every one is on the issue together.

“This administration has brought us water in Lagos and is our responsibility to connect into it.

“This office operates an open door policy, we are ready to support you, as LWC is welcome at any time”, she concluded.

The Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office, Mrs. Durosimi Etti Olorunkemi, applauded the Corporation for the initiative, and wonderful job in improving service delivery in the State. She assured the Corporation of support and assistance from her Office.

Permanent Secretary, Parastatal Monitoring Office, Mr. Taofeeq Fashola also reassured the Corporation of continuous working relationship, as he is a friend of the house.

The Corporation is expected to visit and felicitate with the Commissioner, Ministry for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, Permanent Secretary, Environment, Mrs. Odeneye Belinda and Permanent Secretary, Drainage System, Engr. Shodehide Olalekan Nurudeen.


The Lagos Water Corporation, Managing Director/CEO, Engr. Muminu Adekunle Badmus has on everything again put smile on the faces of LWC retirees, assured all the 2017 retirees full payment before end of the year 2019.

He made this statement while meeting with the LWC retirees at the Alausa Waterworks, today Wednesday 28th August, 2019.

“I am always keen on the issues of our retirees, as I always put the interest of the them at the forefront since joining the Corporation in 2015”

MD said, he always put the retirees issues as priority, adding that he wants the retirees to be always happy.

He however, promised to settle parts of 2018 retirees before end of the year.

He commended the retirees representative, by putting pressure on the LWC Management on the payment.

Engr. Badmus however added that he is not always happy seeing the retirees without collecting their money, as everyone needs money for one thing or the other.

“I must confess God Almighty is listening to your prayers, and I pray nobody will come to collect your money on your behalf, Amen.

“We presently have a listening Government who is ever ready to do his best for the Corporation.”

His excellency, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, Lagos State Governor, has given us some money in which parts will be used to pay 2017 retirees and some of 2018 retirees.

He appreciated the Governor and his deputy for their support for the Corporation.

In his remarks, Mr. Sheriff Akinpelu, described the day as a special day with special visitor in attendance, while thanking the MD for his efforts towards putting smile on the faces of the Corporation’s retirees.

While giving the vote of thanks on behalf of the retirees, Mr. Kareem Bariyu O., thanked the MD/CEO for his unquantifiable efforts, and prayed for God’s blessings for the entire Management and Staff of the Corporation.

LWC offers Water quality, testing & analysis

This is to inform the general public that Lagos Water Corporation offers a wide range of ground water, waste water, and drinking water testing and analysis laboratory services in support of site remediation, studies, and other projects.

The services include:

1, Comprehensive/full analysis of water sample.
2, Chemical Demand Test (Determination of type and quality of chemical for your water sample (boreholes).
3, Physical and Chemical analysis of water sample.
4, Microbiology analysis of water sample.
5, Treatment chemical analysis (Potency test), such as Alum, Lime, Soda, HTH etc.

Please visit:
Lagos Water Corporation
Water Quality Assurance Department
Room 509B
5th floor
Water House, Ijora, Lagos
Call/WhatsApp: Niyi Okubena on 07030992192


As parts of the one-week Youth Outreach Ecotourism Programme on Wetland and Biodiversity Conservation for Public School Students in Lagos State, the Students, today, Tuesday 30th July, 2019 visited Lagos Water Corporation Adiyan water works as an excursion exercise designed to learn about LWC operations, which involved Water production and distribution in the State.

The Lagos State Government organised programme through the Ministry for the Environment has included into their programme, the Students’ visit to the 70Million Gallons per Day (MGD) Adiyan Waterworks to acquire knowledge on the waterworks water Abstractions, Production,8 Treatment, Distribution, among others.

The host, Adiyan Production Manager, Engr. Agiri who received the students with open arms introduced the Water facility to the students as the State largest waterworks with production capacity of 70MGD which was commissioned in 1991.

While explaining the core facilities to the students, Mr. Idris Shonubi, Quality Assurance and Engr. Cardozo took the Students round the Waterworks facilities, such as Filtration Bed; Sedimentation Tank; Coagulation Tank; Aeration Tank; Control Panel; Air Blower; Filter Bed; Lime Dosing Point, among others.

During his presentation, Mr. Shonubi said, “there is a room called Laboratory Room, for the testing of Raw water and Final water”.

Engr. Cardozo, explained that during water production, water /leaves/departs the Intermediate Pumping Station to Storage tank with storage capacity of 72MGD, which from the storage tank to the distribution channel, where it is distributed/discharged to the general public.

He added that LWC Water is if high quality, which is good for human consumption, because it’s conform with World Health Organization’s (WHO) Standards.

The students while showing their encomium, through their spoke person, Alaro Taiwo lauded the Corporation’s Management for the hospitality and gesture during the excursion and maintenance of the waterworks till date which will continue to linger in their memories.

Staff form the Ministry for the Environment present included Mr. Laguda I. A.; Mr. Ayeni G. A.; Mr. Dotun Agboola; Mr. Gafar A. O.; Mrs. Sadiku F. A.; Mrs. Masha A. J. and Mrs. Ibikunle.

Also, members of LWC Staff at the excursion were, Mr. Omotayo Adedoyin (Head, Quality Assurance); Mrs. Jaiyeola (Quality Assurance); Mr. Idris (Manager, Staff Training); Mr. Anifowoshe Rasaq (Manager, Corporate Communication); Mr. Kayode Akinolu; Mr. Olushi I. K. among others.

Earlier, on Friday 26th July, 2019, the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State, Ministry for the Environment, Mr. Abiodun Bangboye, at a Press Conference briefed the members of press about the One-week programme which has since commenced on Sunday 28th July, 2019 to last till Sunday 4th August, 2109.

In the same vein, the National Winners of the Nigerian Stockholm Junior Water Prize is set to visit Alausa and Adiyan Waterworks tomorrow, Wednesday 31st July, 2019 to acquire advance knowledge on process of Water production and distribution in preparation for the final competition in Stockholm, Sweden.

The winners, will be representing the Country in the Junior Water Competition category later in August, 2019.
[21:44, 7/30/2019] Mr . Rasaq: Photo Reel during the Students Excursion to Adiyan Waterworks today, Tuesday 30th July, 2019.


Lagos Water Corporation, today Tuesday July 23rd, 2019 hosted the National winners of the 2019 Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) at Lagos Water Corporation, Water-House, Ijora, Lagos.

The visit to the multiple awards winning Corporation and largest water producer in sub-sahara Africa is to gather additional/advance knowledge on its operations, particularly, the process of water production and supply.

In his welcome address, the LWC, Managing Director/CEO, Engr. Muminu Badmus expressed great enthusiasm at the Water Purifier Project invented by State and Country ambassadors.

The ambassadors are students from Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar school, Surulere, Lagos, whose names are Giwa Abdulmuqsit (Team Leader), Adebiyi Al-Ameen, Sanusi Ameer, and Opeyemi Hassan to compete with other winners of new water production process Equipments inventors across the globe, scheduled to take place in Stockholm, Sweden next month, August.

LWC boss pledged his full support to seeing the project to the end, expressing his optimism that the young inventors would emerge winners at the international finals.

While making presentations on the Water purifier, the students explained how the Water Purifier equipment works, describing the various components that make adequate water treatment/production possible.

Also, some management staff present during the meeting were Mrs. Aramide Alaka (Head, Staff Training); Engr. Adesoji Kudehinbu (Head, Production); Engr. Ajadi Semiu (Director, Production Department); Mr. sheriff Akinpelu (Acting Head, Admin & Human Resources); Mr. Adedoyin Omotayo (Head, Quality Assurance); Mr. Anifowoshe Rasaq (Manager, Corporate Communication) among other experts within the Corporation, gave their opinions on the project, in order to assist make needed improvements.

On Monday 19th July, 2019, at the Lagos House, Marina, His Excellency, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu received the National winners, as he expressed his joy at the success of the young inventors at the national level, adding that he has no doubt that they would do the nation proud at the global level.

The winners were led to the Corporation by the National Organizer (SJWP) competition, Miss Bibilore Sholarin and the coach/coordinator, Mr. Amisu Abdulrasheed Muyiwa.

Mrs. Aramide Alaka (Head, Staff Training) is expected to coordinate the training exercise between the National winners and the Corporation’s experts to the designated waterworks for advance knowledge in the area of water production and distribution.

The National Winners of the 2019 Nigerian Stockholm Junior Water Prize will be representing the Country in International Finals in Stockholm, Sweden next month, August.


Lagos Water Corporation has commenced restoration of Water supply to parts of the Lagos metropolis earlier affected by the technical challenges at LWC Major water facilities.

LWC 70MGD Adiyan Waterworks commenced operation over the weekend to supply potable water to Lagosians, as Corporation’s engineers are currently addressing the problems at the 45MGD Iju Water facility.

Thanking you for your support, understanding and endurance, as we are committed to improve service delivery to every home in the State.



Lagos Water Corporation has informed the general public, particularly the residents of Iyana-Ipaja, Egbede, Dopemu, Orile-Agege, Idimu, Isheri-Olofin, and other adjoining communities that the present disruption of Water supply being experienced in these areas is as a result of heavy burst on LWC 1200MM Ductile Pipe due to Ongoing Road Construction activities along Lagos – Abeokuta Expressway of Lagos State.

This was contained in a statement released by the LWC MD/CEO, Engr. Muminu Adekunle Badmus over the weekend in Lagos.

He stated that the ongoing Road Construction taken place at Iyana-Ipaja area (Iyana-Ipaja Bus-Stop) has damaged the water mains/pipe supplying potable Water to these areas thereby affecting water supply.

While wishing Lagosians a Memorable Easter Celebrations, he however apologized to the residents of the affected areas over the Water disruption, especially this period, as the Corporation’s Engineers are working hard to restore normal supply.


Just in – The much anticipated LWC Service Charter Document has been described as a legally binding document that would benefit customers of the Lagos Water Corporation.

This was revealed by the Branding Once Stop Shop Director of the Lagos State Office of Transformation, Creativity and Innovation (OTCI), Princess Adedoyin Ajayi, today the 17th of April, 2019, at the Corporation’s Headquarters, during the official inauguration of the LWC Service Charter Committee by OTCI.

The Service Charter Committee had been earlier constituted by the GMD, CEO, Lagos Water Corporation, Engr. Muminu Adekunle Badmus, and the Corporation was in May, 2018 chartered by the OTCI (during the 2018 Lagos State Service Charter Week).

This was after the corporation had emerged as one of the 15 MDAs approved to be chartered by the Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, out of the 27 names submitted for approval by the Lagos State Office of Transformation, Creativity and Innovation (OTCI.

Mrs. Adedoyin explained that LWC was approved by the Governor because of the beneficial service it rendered to the people of the State.

She stated that the charter document though not a legal document is legally binding, and holds chartered Agencies responsible for providing services promised to customers within the acceptable time frame, without recourse or delay.

She also explained that every Chartered Agency must possess its own Service Delivery Unit that would ensure compliance to the provisions stated in the Charter Document, at all units.

This according to her would be administered through compliance monitoring and evaluation to be undertaken by the inaugurated members of the Service Charter Committee, who were charged to ensure every staff, is carried along in the process of service improvement.

Princess Adedoyin emphasized that the Charter Document must include the responsibilities and mandates of all departments and units, which after proper considerations and evaluation would be signed by the Chairman of the committee, the MD/CEO of LWC.

The Service Charter Committee is to ensure that each department or unit gets adequate representation, and would serve as the decision making body for all steps of implementation.

The MD/CEO of Lagos Water Corporation, Engr. Muminu Badmus in his words credited the Lagos State Office of Transformation, Creativity and Innovation, while expressing optimism that the Charter Document would henceforth place every individual in the Corporation under the obligation to be productive.

He also announced that the document would implement checks against unproductive individuals and actions, adding that he had no choice but to make the project a success.

The Chief Operating Officer, (COO) Engr. Deji Johnson who was also present among other Heads of Departments/ Units, at the inauguration ceremony added his own two cents on the Charter Document, and stated that it basically makes life easier for the people we serve, by giving them the power to hold the Corporation responsible for any type of default in the delivery of service.

He however enjoined every member of staff to embrace it, noting that the Corporation will get credits for its success.

The five-man team that made up the inaugurating body from the Office of Transformation Creativity and Innovation included; Princess Adedoyin Ajayi, Mrs. Dosunmu, Mrs. afose, Mrs. Fasasi, and Mr. Agboola.